Keep in mind that this calculator is USA centric.
The basic idea is to determine the chargeable weight for any given set of dimensions for domestic ground, domestic air, international air, and ocean transportation.
1. Enter NUMBERS/NUMERALS only in the boxes 'Pieces:' 'Length:' 'Width:' & 'Height:'
2. Click on the 'Dim Wt' button to calculate.
3. Read the Precise and Rounded values for each mode.
4. Continue to Enter pieces and dimensions for as many items as required.
5. The first set of answers are the present calculations, the second set are the cumulative values.

** New in this iteration for 2016 are the following: **

1. Domestic Ground calculation has changed from 250 to 200 effective Februray 1, 2016.
2. Calculations for UPS and FedEx have been added:
A. UPS and FedEx domestic air is the same as international air in lbs.
B. UPS and FedEx international air in lbs, added.
C. UPS and FedEx international air in kgs, added.
3. A counter to keep track of the total number of pieces entered, added.

** End New Information**
Next, you can determine the 'Rate Class' for domestic USA trucking.
Keeping in mind that this is just an esitmating tool, the actual Class used by your carrier may vary.
1. Enter the 'Weight', 'Length', 'Width', and 'Height' in the approperaite boxes.
2. Click on the 'Get Class' button to calculate.
3. Read the Density and Class boxes.
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