PC Trouble Shooter

We Love What We Do.

PC Repair, Web Site design, Hosting, Networking, Programming, we do get paid, so it is work!

Looking for a partnership with experience? Dedication? Help when you need it, give us a try. You have questions, we have answers.

The idea that a machine could compute many times faster than us humans, always intrigued us. So, we started our journey with computers thinking that they were going to assist us in whatever electronic endeavor we experienced.

We have been around a while and have lived the evolution of modern day system, from desktop gaming to implants, there are many iterations to behold.

Our mission is to assist in any way we can to keep those systems going, whatever format or form that may be. Sometimes, the suggestion maybe to start over with new equipment, sometimes mere training will suffice. Ask a professional, ask us. Go back to the Home page and drop us a note and maybe we can both get our jobs done!